Documentary Filmmaker,
Camera Operator & Cutter
Frederik Subei
  1. Director Frederik Subei
  2. Transit Zone Documentary
  3. Windfall Island Documentary
Creative documentaries that matter...
Frederik Subei is an emerging documentary filmmaker with a strong passion for environmental subjects and human rights. After working and studying in Scotland he is currently based in Berlin in Germany. In 2015 he graduated with distinction in MA Film Directing (Documentary) from the Edinburgh College of Art.

His most recent film Transit Zone is a short creative documentary about a Sudanese refugee in the 'jungle' of Calais. In 2016/2017 the film has been shown at more than 20 international film festivals. It won three awards and received two special mentions. Transit Zone was also nominated at the prestigeous IDA Documentary Awards in the US and even reached the semi-final stage of the Student Academy Awards in the category Best Foreign Documentary in 2016.